Traditional puppets, contemporary puppetry, productions 0-6, street theater parade


Workshops and training courses for schools of all levels and for adults

Festival Arrivano dal Mare!

International Festival of Puppetry “Arrivano dal Mare”
Among the longest-running Italian festivals entirely dedicated to puppetry

Museum La Casa delle Marionette

In the center of Ravenna, it houses the Monticelli’s collection

Gambettola Municipal Theatre

A regenerated space, an important point of reference for the artistic, cultural and social life of the city of Gambettola

Teatro del Drago

the company is one of the oldest performing arts families active in the puppet and marionette sector since the first half of the 19th century: the Monticelli family. The brothers Mauro and Andrea, the current Artistic Directors together with Roberta Colombo, represent the fifth generation of this uninterrupted tradition. The activity takes place on two sides: that of tradition, with traditional puppet shows and the conservation of materials from the Monticelli Collection; that of research, through contemporary puppet theater shows in which a personal artistic line is realized, original both in the use of materials and in animation techniques.


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New production 2022

Everything starts from a small dot of light. From him take shape Tina, Gigi, Rita, Ignazio and Ninè, an elephant, a tiger, a turtle, a mouse and a piglet. All very different in appearance, color, personality but for this very reason great friends. Together they play 1-2-3 stars, hide and seek and one day they find a seed, they don’t know exactly what it is but they take care of it and it grows from it the life.

Traditional Glove Puppets shows

The experience of one of the oldest Art Families in Italy. For children aged 5 to 95

Il magico cerchio di Prospero

Our Tempest by Shakespeare, transformed into a series of poetic scenes and narrative weaves that expand like a huge painting by Chagal. The supernatural images develop and follow one another in the show, to create a series of lyrical and dreamlike actions/visions.


Puppet theater show in which images, music and animation merge to create a playful and colorful atmosphere like Pinocchio’s great circus. The scenography and the puppets are inspired by the images of Alain Letort while the plot faithfully reflects Letort’s characters – Geppetto, the Cat and the Fox, the Fairy, the Fire Eater – creating independent “paintings and scenes”, like in a collage that wants to visually retrace the famous novel by Collodi.


Dante Alighieri’s “Divine Comedy” comes to life.
The dark and the light. The bad and the good. Black and white. Pain and pleasure. The blue of the deep sea and the blue of the clear sky. Evil red and celestial blue. We are always a little undecided. Where are the wild beasts that want to devour us? In the middle of the road that takes us back home or in front of the path that goes into the woods? Fear and desire mix… it’s a vertigo.

Fagiolino asino d'oro

The terrible sorceress Saturnina transforms Fagiolino from a puppet into a donkey. Desperate, he asks for help from the Magician Ermete Trismegisto who, however, mercilessly sends him to hell where he will have to face Charon and Cerberus, the three-headed dog. Thanks to the intervention of the goddess Venus, the situation will be resolved in the best way.

Teo ha le orecchie curiose

Teo is a bunny with long and curious ears. He likes to listen and photograph. His day is a swing between what he hears and what he sees. He is very attentive to all the sounds that he encounters: from the trill of the alarm clock to the noise of the pee, from the crunch of the biscuits to the song of the birds, from the rumble of the bus to the lapping of the waves. Teo has his favorite music that he listens to while sitting comfortably on the sofa, abandoning himself to the pleasant melodies of the piano.

Ecomonsters' Puppet Show

Sputnik, Laika and their string puppets, built entirely with recycled materials, will take the public on an amusing, surprising, sometimes perturbing journey, where the laws of physics are distorted and everyday life becomes extraordinary.

Burattini Tradizionali dell’Emilia-Romagna

The puppet comedy of Emilia Romagna represented in the performances of the Teatro del Drago, is the wise custodian of an ancient memory and a strong contemporary experience given by long tours in Italy and abroad.

Teatro di Figura Contemporaneo

Shows with puppets, shadows and actors, based on a particular animation technique, created by the Company in the early 80s. The animation of the singular and unique puppets is enriched by a specific dramaturgical research for the images.

Teatro di Figura 0-6

Shows dedicated to children and families. The art of images merges with the puppets’ live-action alongside actors.

Teatro di Strada

Street parades for puppets, actors, musicians and noisy vagrants and comedians. Parades back to the walking puppets’ wagon and archaeoindustrial machines.

La Casa delle Marionette

Our museum La casa delle Marionette is located in the heart of the city of Ravenna, a few steps from Piazza del Popolo. It houses the precious Monticelli Collection, a set of entertainment materials belonging to the Italian tradition of marionette and puppet theater since 1840. The Monticelli family, aka Teatro de Drago, is one of the custodians of the art of puppet theater in our Country, thanks to its past and recent history. Thanks to five uninterrupted generations of actors, today you can admire a collection made up of 63 marionettes, 150 puppets, 132 scenography, 150 handwritten scripts and numerous touring material (photos, posters, permits, announcements, censorships)

Teatro del Drago
Soc. Coop. Soc.

Via Sant’Alberto 297, 48123 Ravenna
Via Venezia 26 c/o Officine Creative, 48121 Ravenna

Phone Number

(+39) 392 6664211

Teatro del Drago è una Compagnia di Teatro di Figura a rilevanza nazionale secondo il Ministero Beni e Attività Culturali – Regione Emilia Romagna e fa parte di UN.I.MA. – Unione Internazionale della Marionetta e A.T.F. – Associazione Teatri di Figura

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