A puppetry play in which images, music and animation come together to create a playful and colorful atmosphere: the great Pinocchio circus.

The scenography and the puppets are inspired by the images of Alain Letort while the plot faithfully reflects the characters of Letort – Geppetto, the Cat and the Fox, the Fairy, Mangiafuoco – creating independent “paintings and scenes”, as in a collage that wants to visually retrace the famous story of Collodi.

Il Magico Cerchio di Prospero

A story, “The Tempest” (W. Shakespeare), gets transformed into a series of poetic images, that expand into a huge painting by Chagall. The supernatural images develop and follow each other in the play, creating a series of poetic and dreamlike visions.

Traditional Puppets of Emilia-Romagna

The experience of one of the oldest art families in Italy.

The puppet comedy of Emilia Romagna represented in the performances of the Teatro del Drago, is the wise custodian of an ancient memory and a strong contemporary experience given by long tours in Italy and abroad.

Contemporary Puppetry

Innovation of a tradition

Shows with puppets, shadows and actors, based on a particular animation technique, created by the Company in the early 80s. The animation of the singular and unique puppets is enriched by a specific dramaturgical research for the images.

Puppetry for 0-6 years

Theatre shows fof children start to 18 months

Shows dedicated to children and families. The art of images merges with the puppets’ live-action alongside actors.

Street theatre parade

Street parade with puppets, actors and musicians.

Street parades for puppets, actors, musicians and noisy vagrants and comedians. Parades back to the walking puppets’ wagon and archaeoindustrial machines.

Ultime novità

Don’t miss the first show-workshop on November 15th, at 11 am and 3 pm on the online platform ZOOM dedicated to Maestro Gianni Rodari!

INFORMATION: – 392 6664211 – Limited places. Purchase of single access ticket € 10.00 in advance only on Vivaticket

Theatrical review

Le Arti della Marionetta

32ª edizione – Ravenna, Artificerie Almagià

dal 25.10.2020 al 13.02.2021

Stagione di Teatro di Figura per bambini e famiglie

Casola è una Favola

Casola Valsenio (RA) 4 luglio 16 agosto 2020

Burattini e Figure

In Romagna da GiugnoSettembre 2020

Burattini e Figure  è una rassegna estiva di Teatro di Figura che vuole mettere in rete Comuni grandi e piccoli della Romagna. Tanti spettacoli gratuiti dal mare, alla collina, per i turisti e per i cittadini, un viaggio attraverso la Romagna e le tecniche del teatro di figura.

The Museum:

La Casa delle Marionette

The Museum La casa delle marionette was born in December 2005 in the heart of Ravenna, a few steps from Piazza del Popolo. The Museum houses the precious Monticelli Collection, a set of show materials from the Italian tradition of puppet theater since 1840. The museum is recognized as a historical and artistic heritage of live entertainment.

Teatro Comunale di Gambettola

The Teatro Comunale di Gambettola is a small 99-seat liberty theater located in Gambettola, a town at the gates of a culturally rich city like Cesena. Since November 2015 Teatro del Drago has been managing its management and artistic direction while in 2017 it was awarded the management tender until 2021 every year shows of prose, music and theater.

Festival Internazionale dei Burattini e delle Figure AdM!

The Festival, which has always been a point of reference for the puppetry theater, hosts every year companies from all over the world, including every technique and artistic expression of the varied universe of puppetry theatre.
Traditional and contemopany puppets, shadows, some previews, productions for children and adults, as well as a rich program of collateral events. Since 2015, the Artistic and Organizational Direction has been entrusted to Teatro del Drago / Monticelli Art Family.

TEATRO DEL DRAGO Soc. coop. soc. ONLUS Sede Legale Via S.Alberto, 297 – 48123 Ravenna Sede Operativa Via Venezia 26 c/o Officine Creative – 48121 Ravenna +39 392 666 42 11 PEC:
Credits: KAERU
Per info e preventivi spettacoli +39 335 5342500 (Mauro Monticelli) +39 366 6877482 (Andrea Monticelli) Per prenotare eventi, spettacoli e laboratori +39 392 6664211 Teatro del Drago è una Compagnia di Teatro di Figura a rilevanza nazionale secondo il Ministero Beni e Attività Culturali – Regione Emilia Romagna e fa parte di UN.I.MA. – Unione Internazionale della Marionetta e A.T.F. – Associazione Teatri di Figura.

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