The blue sea


Teatro del Drago

Inspired on: “Il potere magico di Dilo” by Horace Dobbs
direction and on stage: Roberta Colombo, Andrea Monticelli

A dolphin, a cub discovering the world, with a special mission to accomplish.
The images and words accompanied by music are poetically intertwined in a tale of the sea.
The desire to live, to play and to discover, typical of all the “little ones” is the energy that moves the world, which radiates like the sun’s rays and reaches even those “big ones” who have moved away with the passing of the seasons and lost in a frantic universe made of nothing.
An actress in a space of blue veils tells the story. It is accompanied by shadows, puppets and objects moved on sight through a game of projections of images with the shades of the sea.
Another actor animates from the bottom, accompanying the acting with lights and music.
Storytelling show for shadows and figures. For children from 4 years old. Also suitable for non-theatrical places.
“Once I went to sea … it was a long time ago … now I’m sailing with the imagination …”
“But I still remember something, … how can you forget the color of the sea?”
“Dolphins were good travel companions, especially if you suffer from seasickness, they stay close to you and cuddle you singing sweet lullabies, until the fear passes and even the seasickness goes away a little …”
Taken from the logbook of the Blue Lady sailing boat – 1864
THE fantastic / real PATH
We started from there, from this diary, which contains strange stories, sometimes bizarre, who knows if they are true? To tell the truth, it is not even clear whether the writer is a man or a woman, perhaps a child, one of those wandering children who followed their father and mother around the world. Surely eyes full of love for a world like the marine one, so alive, lively and full of energy.
Whoever they are is of little importance, what interests us is that the stories are full of life: they speak of dolphins, whales, sea turtles, cubs …
Of their friendship, of the desire to discover the world, of what it means to face new things every day, of loneliness, of love.
These are the themes of this story born from the water, playing in the waves of a blue sea that still survives somewhere today but alas is changing color over the years.
The first story freely taken from “The magical power of Dilo” is titled “The magic dolphin”, others will follow, such as “Panchito and the dolphin” by Luis Sepulveda, “Come una Balena” by Nicoletta Vallorani, “The route of the Whales “by Oscar Collazos …

Technical Specification


Playing Area

8 meters x 6 meters

Electrical Specification

 32Ampere – x 10 kw – 220Volt


Stage Setup time: 4h ; Dismountling: 2h ;

Duration: 60 minutes, no interval.



we need the dark in the theatre!