Teseo e il minotauro street parade


Teatro del Drago

Regia: Mauro Monticelli

Street parade with puppets, actors and machines inspired by the mythological story of King Minos and the archaeological-industrial sculpture of Jean Tinguely. A surreal world populated by clowns – argonauts in a parallelism between circus and theater.

The scenography, the image, the puppets and the machine of the show are freely inspired by the work of the sculptor Jean Tinguely and his artistic use of recycled and waste materials.

On the street the clowns – the actors often change their role as attendants of this surreal circus.

The music used in the show is by the composer and musician Comelade with his group, Bel Canto Orchestra; a very extravagant genre, which uses unconventional and strange instruments as toy instruments.

Suitable for an audience of all ages

Technical Specification


Playing Area

On the route there must be no climbs or descents and the pavement must not be disconnected. The company will also do an inspection before the show.


Electrical Specification

autonomous for electricity



Stage Setup time: 4h ;   Dismountling: 2h ;

Duration1 h e 30 minutes ,with the possibility of being divided into 2/3 interventions lasting 30 minutes each.



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