La famiglia d'Arte Monticelli

09 January 2015

Romanzo d'Infanzia - Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni

Domenica 18 gennaio 2015 ore 16.30 Artificerie Almagià
24 January 2014

Almagià in Festa/Gran ballo di Carnevale

Sabato 1 marzo 2014/Artificerie Almagià/Ravenna/Ore 15:30
24 January 2014

Il brutto anatroccolo

Domenica 16 febbraio 2014/Artificerie Almagià/Ravenna/ore 16:30

The Monticelli Family is one of the oldest organizations in the north of Italy who have worked for nearly two hundred years in theatre productions whit marionettes and puppets. In 1979 Andrea and Mauro Monticelli, diect decedents of the founder of the company, Ariodante Monticelli, officially named the company " Teatro del Drago" . Whit five generations of performers, they have changed the world of puppet theatre producing works with marionettes, hand, shadow and larger puppets.